About us

Founded in 2014 in Bergamo by Michele Rubbi, Deluxesign is learned in the creation of design products of high quality level.

We are proud of our products which are completely Made in Italy. Thanks to the professional partnerships with skilled and reliable craftsmen we guarantee the high quality and the personal attention to every phase of manufacturing. We are able to manage all the various steps involved in developing a handmade product: starting from the acquiring of the raw material to the manufacturing and delivery of the finished product.

Our ability has grown up thanks to the enduring collaborations in the field of visual merchandising for the biggest fashion companies which choose our products. Indeed, in the fashion field the displayed element is promoted to a true sculpture in order to catch the attention and covey the soul of the brand.

The beauty of our creations is the result of a deep diligence that aims for the high quality.

Through the research of new forms and new materials, we have modelled these design products that, thanks to their different colours, materials and finishing, are able to enrich every space.

Our enthusiasm for teamwork and for the continual search is reflected in our creations which satisfy both us and our clients.

"The sign of luxury" therefore singles out the movement towards hand-made products unique in their own right, from niche objects to those available to all, but in any case objects that only a sensitive and attentive eye can see as "luxury" due to their inherent quality and for what is behind their creations.