The blend between expert craftsmanship and modern technologies has given life to Deluxesing.

We melt the beautiful and the useful creating something completely new.

The continuous research and the development of innovative products are our purpose.

We spend our energies in order to make the design available to people and their wellness.

Design at the service of people: our philosophy.

  about us

Deluxesign is learned in the creation of design products of high quality level.

We are proud of our products which are completely made in Italy. Thanks to the professional partnerships with skilled and reliable craftsmen we guarantee the high quality and the personal attention to every phase of manufacturing. We are able to manage all the various steps involved in developing a handmade product: starting from the acquiring of the raw material to the manufacturing and delivery of the finished product.

The beauty of our creations is the result of a deep diligence that aims for the high quality. Our enthusiasm for teamwork and for the continual search is reflected in our creations which satisfy both us and our clients

"The sign of luxury" therefore singles out the movement towards hand-made products unique in their own right, from niche objects to those available to all, but in any case objects that only a sensitive and attentive eye can see as "luxury" due to their inherent quality and for what is behind their creation.

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    All purchases will be delivered by courier in 5-10 working days since the order.

  • Customer service

    For information and questions write us at or call us +390363303631 (available Monday through Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.).

  • Payment methods

    Credit cards of the circuits Visa-Mastercard-American Express and PayPal.


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